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Irish, Spanish, Basque and International Legends and Tales


Irish Myths and Legends

Fionn mac Cumhaill

The Raising of Fionn
The Salmon of Wisdom
The Burning of Tara
Cúldub of the Sidhe
Rince mo Rincne
How Fionn Got His Grey Hair
Diarmuid and Gráinne
Fionn’s Shield, Sencoll Snidech - Ancient Dripping Hazel
Éachtach Daughter of Diarmuid
Fionn’s Favourite Hounds, His Cousins Bran and Sceolán
Áth Liac Find and the End of the World
Sadhbh, Mother of Oisín
Oisín and Niamh in Tír na nÓg
Oisín and Saint Patrick
The Tuatha Dé Danaan
Boann and the Well of Wisdom
The Dagda and Boann
The Dagda and Angus
Angus and Loch Neagh
Étaín and Midir (Móin Lamraige)
Conaire Mór and the Destruction of Dá Derga’s Hostel
Wicklow Stories
The Bórama, the Great Leinster Saga
The Melodies of Buichet’s House
The Saga of Maolodrán
Bealach Duirgen
Bealach Conglais
How Rónán Killed His Son
Michael Dwyer and Sam MacAllister, a Story of the 1798 Rebellion
The Ball Moat
Legends of Saints
Brigit: cloak/eye/beer/Maithgenn/meat/lepers/harvest/sword/pigs
Patrick and the Druids
Lugaid son of Laeghaire (Michael's Morsel)
Crom Dubh and Deo Gratias
Kevin: péist/cow/stones/Fáelán/witch/Cathleen/Hollywood/bird
How Mo Ling Got His Name
St Fechin: Seven Wonders of Fore, Conaill Buidhe
Ultán’s Left Hand Against the Conaill Buidhe
Bóthar na Miasa - The Road of the Dishes
Conall Cearnach and the Crucifixion
Legends of Kings
Guaire and Diarmait
Labraidh and Dinn Ríg; Labraidh’s Horses Ears
Mac Dathó’s Pig
O’Donnell and Sadhbh - 3 valuable things
Cormac mac Airt and the Sheep and Grass Judgement - Lughaí the Usurper
Cenn Faelad
Táin Bó Cuailnge - The Cattle Raid of Cooley - the great Irish epic and its hero, Cúchulainn
The Story of the Táin, including Deirdre and Macha
The Life and Death of Cúchulainn
Bricriu’s Feast, The Women’s War of Words, The Champion’s Portion
Miscellaneous Legends
Hell Fire Club
Widow’s Curse/Carn/Fermoy
Gormanston Foxes
Slasher O’Reilly – Finnea
Eamonn an Cnoic (Ned Ryan)
Redmond O’Hanlon
Raftery in Donegal
Cailín Deas
Blarney Stone
Lady Beresford
Earl Geralds

Irish Folk and Local Tales

Killeen Cormac
Dublin Castle Robbers
Mac Corish
The Gadaí Dubh - The Black Thief
“Ghost” Car
Silly Women
Jonathan Swift and the Goose
Einstein’s Driver
Lazy wife (spin, weave, sew)
Trick - two of them
Gas pipeline
Rathnew woman moves furniture
Black Pig’s Dyke
Rathlin Fairy Tree
Malachy Horan (Headless Ghost, Battle in Clouds in Tallaght and at Old Head)
Clonmacnoise Unfinished Round Tower
Devil and the Dance Hall - Tooreen, 3 October 1954
The Bee the Harp the Mouse and the Bumclock
Padraic Fiacc
Standing Stones of Achill Island
Pipe in Mouth
Two American women/priest/Blarney Stone
Gold Ring
Stephen Behan (Drew)
Judge Over Wall
O’Doherty the Spy
Mary Whelan
Hughie McCusker (Blondy/pigeon/steak, Bosco roses, Putta, Big house gate)
Bricklayer and Engineer 1mm spot on
Mañana shoe repair
Glenmalure Man
Over the Wall to the Trinity Ball
Psychic bicycle
Avoca (Tigroney ghost, “Me&thee”, Pyne/touched/road/rain, snow)
Moving Statues: butcher/Thomas/shoved/Paisley
Man With No Story
Red Hand of Ulster
Baby Song Thrushes
Kishog’s Curse
Biddy’s Curse
Priest pregnant
Flour from America
Irish mottos – Eileen/Siobhán
Al - Tara
Dark Patrick (Cromachy Crows/ Oxford-Mungret)
Death by Old Age
Old Brindled Cow
Inishmaan farmer
John Philpot Curran (£100, ghost, idle women, Judge “Bully” Egan)
Piper’s Shoes
Gobán Saor & King of Spain
I Can Sleep When the Wind Blows
Catholic or Protestant Jew
Deathbed Conversion
Barney & Norah: old, wish

Spain, Basque Country, Galicia

San Adrián
San Andrés de Teixido
San Antonio
Irishman & Hugo
Nymphs of River Sil
Hercules & Gerión
Tower of Breogán
Between Pinto & Valdemoro
Jaun Zuria, the First Lord of Bizkaia
Death of Lekobide
Diego López and the Goat-foot Lady
March and February
Pyrenees Snow
Casa del Duende
Calle de la Cabeza
Juan de Atarrabio, the Man Without a Shadow
The Doctor and Death
Santo Domingo de la Calzada
Bridge of San Martín
Juan Soldado
Only knights can enter Heaven – León
Girl Who Wanted Three Husbands
Pascual Vivas (955)
El Cid: Valencia escudo, beard
Calle de los Alfileritos
The Burnt Hand
Mezquita del Cristo de la Luz
Postman from Purgatory – Erro
Grey Grass
Vow of Muño Sancho
Alonso Pérez de Guzmán the Good (1256-1309)
The Valour of Garcí Pérez de Vargas, 1247
María Pérez, La Varona, c. 1130
Fire of Mafasca
Lizard of La Malena
Lovers of Teruel
Aqueduct of Segovia
Bridge at Oiartzun
Saint John’s Eve Bonfires
Ramiro and Aldonza

Ghost / Devil / Magic / Otherworld

Room for one more
Big toe/Golden arm
Long bony fingers
Ghost of father rescue
Crane (Tsuru)
Photo of Drowned People
Star Lovers (Weaver Maid & Herd Boy/magpies)
White Butterfly (Takahama & Akiko)
Red dress
Achen Sand Hill
La Llorona
Dave Fisher: Red-headed woman/Priest/Water rat/Dustpan
Bunratty Ghosts
Mary Culhaine
Red Velvet Band (neck)
Loftus Hall

Nasruddin Hodja and Afantí

Sound of coins – aroma of food
Hodja lost donkey – not on it
Man lost donkey – non-smoker-coffee-alcohol drinker in cafe donkey
Sun or moon more important
Tamerlane – belt 20 gold marks
3 plums for judge
“Do you know what I’m going to tell you?”
“How did you know it was me?”
Shoes pocket tree - road go from there
Turkish bath – tip
“Half your life has been wasted”
Cat – meat
“If Allah is willing.”
“Send me a donkey.”
“Stupid oaf” sign
Son riding donkey
“Come down and I’ll tell you”
Pot had baby, died
Baby in 7 days, needs paper, pen, books
“Everyone who sees the light”
Hot soup
Balance of the world – people go in different directions
“Your cow killed my cow”
“You know how to swim, don’t you?”
Goose with one leg
“Where is your nose?” Back of head: “If you can’t know the opposite, can’t know thing itself.”
Looks for lost keys under streetlight
Tax collector
Poured coffee on new clothes after being ignored wearing old clothes
Shirt welcome
Afantí –shade / coin in donkey’s ass


Second language
Unlucky man
Knickers – 5-7 years
Churn butter
Corn ears
$100 Corvette
Corvette & motorcycle
Where I live
83 milk, 94 whiskey
70 marries 25
Wise Men of Chelm
That’s Once
Key West: Dorothy/mayor/wreckers/sheriff
Freedom Bird
Caged bird
Wooden leg pig
Ming Lo Moves the Mountain
Giving Blood
Be Nice
Curse on Misdirection
Genie bridge
Saying No
Alphabet prayer
Yank penis
Tax Collector
Solomon ring – This too will pass
816 2784
Dog/heaven - Mahabharata
Treasure dream – Baghdad-Cairo
Abidoo (Philippines)
Talkative tortoise (India)
Titanic Thompson (Arkansas)
Trumpeter of Krakow
Farting stone (AT 593) (Swedish Pruttstenen; Finnish Pierukivi)
Dumb kid – 2 quarters, one dollar
Abdul, grandson of Karim the hat-maker, and monkeys

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