Torre de Hércules - Tower of Hercules

La Torre de Hércules

The Tower of Hercules

La Coruña, Galicia

Constructed in the 2nd century AD by a Portuguese architect, this is the oldest working Roman lighthouse in the world.

According to Spanish legend, one of the many heroes named Hercules battled the giant Gerión on this site, killed him, and built the Tower on top of his bones. This is why the Tower and skull-and-crossbones image is part of the coat of arms of the City of La Coruña. The present appearance of the Tower, 68 metres tall and 112 metres above sea level, is due to renovations carried out in the 18th century.

According to Irish and Spanish mythological history, the Tower of Breogán was located on this site. Breogán was the brother of Mil king of the Ibero-Celts, and father of Ith, the leader of the first Ibero-Celtic expedition to Ireland. It was from Breogán's Tower that Ith first saw Ireland, 900 kilometres north of La Coruña.

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